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Generally crap at Blogging

Generally crap at Blogging

I'm pretty poor at blogging.

Having read many of this kind of post where people apologies for the lack of writing, I feel I call into the same camp of people who don't feel interesting or knowledgeable enough to write often.

I don't think I'm a terrible writer, and I do think I have some value to offer – particularly with my penchant for clean and simple solutions and explanations – so i'm going to do my best to write something longer here at least once a week. If I find something useful that warrants a smaller post, then I'll post that too.

I remember the good old days of Twitter when it was full of reasoned, rational conversations I was genuinely excited to be a part of. Hell, I think I owe my 2011 .net award to it, Now it's turned into a cesspit of hate, and political preaching (for right or wrong), I don't want to put much effort into it. For me, it's a place to engage in others conversations.

This blog should be where I have conversations with myself and share what I learn as I go, on a site I own, with as much context as I care to add.

Place your bets if I'm still here my Christmas.

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