The Draw of WordPress

So, the one or two people who read this site shouldn’t have noticed any difference, but tonight, I spend an hour migrating this site from Jekyll to WordPress. The main reason? Syncing the site between 2 machines (my iMac and MacBook Pro) became a chore.

The migration was really rather simple, thanks to my starter theme, Origin. There’s no magic there, or anything really of interest, so I’ll breeze past it.

What moving to WordPress lets me do, is really easily post from anywhere, all within the safety of a GUI. If I really want to post something from the toilet of a bar, in-between pints, I can. I’ll never tell you that though.

So my next task with this site, is to add 2 post types. The main post type will be for general stuff ā€“ like this ā€“ and the two others will be code and cars. I want to write more about cars because it’s something that’s in my head a lot. I don’t expect it to be read much, but I want to write it anyway.

Why separate post types? It basically creates totally separate ‘streams’, with different RSS feeds, templates, capabilities, etc, if needs be. It essentially divides this site into 3 parts, much like a larger news site, such as the BBC, with their ‘News’ and ‘Sport’, sections.

For now, the streams will be combined, and can be refine that down with some nav links in the header, which will replace the Categories there at the moment.


Several years ago, in June 2012, I made a tool to help convert multiple pixel width values into relative percentages.

It’s had a few updates over the years, but I always felt it could be improved. So, I’ve done just that. It looks simpler, and that’s because it is. It no longer supports URL params, and doesn’t generate funky colours, or give a visual representation. That said, I will add a bar to show the percent widths in action, I just wont out the numbers in there, as I always found it a pain to copy from.

Anyway, the new tools now live at Enjoy!

Update: I’ve added a visual reference, and a ‘total’, so you can check the pixel values you’ve entered are the same as the container they’ll sit in.

New Tools Page

There’s a new nav item for Tools. It’s going to be a growing list of tiny tools and calculators to more easily do things Iā€™d otherwise do in my head. Software is supposed to make our lives easier, and this is where I’m going to stash the tools I build to make my life easier.

Twenty Nineteen

No, not the WordPress theme, just a slightly longer title than the numeric equivalent.

My goals in 2019 are as follows:

The blogging part is once I’ve written about umpteen times, but I think I’ve figured out why. I always loved the idea of doing long weekly columns, but I now realise that isn’t hw I think, so expecting myself to keep up with that was never going to happen.

I’m much more sporadic, sometimes random, and to the point. So having a blog engine that lets me be quick and experiment with different ways to share stuff is a must. I could just use WordPress, but I stare at WP code for a living. Instead, I’ve gone with Jekyll, as I can extend it as much as I like, and having all the posts in a plain text format gives me comfort.

My goal over the next few days is to change up the design of the standard theme to something s bit more me, and built in things like link posts and videos, so I can start using this for what it’s meant for.

Unitl next time!

Update: I’ve gone back to WordPress. I realised that over 10 years of experience means I can make WP do as I please, easily.