Beer Advent 2020: BrewDog Snowball

Beer Advent 2020: BrewDog Snowball

Well this is interesting — there's a subtle smell of cream soda. It smells good, or at least it smells intriguing. That good smell is not couple with a good taste though.

To me, there's a chemical taste on every sip, and that's apparent when drinking and in the aftertaste.

Tangent time: I bite my nails (eww, I know), and i stumbled across a nail varnish that is clear, but has a really bitter taste. The initial bite is enough to make me wince, and the aftertaste is more subtle, but lingers for a good 20 minutes.

To me, the aftertaste of Snowball is akin to that of the nail varnish.

I'm struggling to find any positive words about this drink. I suppose it's appropriate for December, if you have no taste buds.

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