I took this can out of todays slot in the advent calendar, and audibly said "Ooh!", so I immediately had high expectations. I wasn't disappointed.

The side of the can states "The beer that started it all. Amplified." I would 100% agree with that statement. It tastes just like Punk IPA, but more. It a higher ABV (8.2% vs the 5.6% of the 'single' Punk), and, to my tastes, a more complex flavour.

There's a review if this beer on Beer Advocate saying: "Feels like they have just brewed a stronger punk IPA, without adjusting the hop inclusions sufficiently. Not great."

I have to disagree with that. Though it has a higher ABV and a (subjectively) more complex taste, I think more hops would change the flavour in a way that would break its relationship with Punk IPA. I think the Amplified descriptor on this beer is an adequate description. It's Punk IPA, with more.

Highly recommended, if stronger beers are your thing.

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