In many ways, writing about this is as easy as it is hard – Brewdog's Punk IPA is their most popular, most widely available beer. It has crafty roots and high-street sales. It is to beer what the BMW is to cars. On one end of the scale, you have Ford, at the other end you have Ferrari. Value wine, and lost-in-a-French-cellar-for-50-years wine.

My father in law shares my interest in trying different beers, albeit with a slightly different preference. Years ago, we, along with my (now) wife and mother in law, walked into the pub one evening and saw a make-shift printed label on one of the taps. The label had a BrewDog logo. To say we were over the moon doesn't do our excitement justice.

Without any consideration, and bypassing any of the other offerings, we both ordered a pint of whatever the tap offered. Turns out, it was Punk IPA.

Punk IPA is, as the name describes, an India pale ale. It's a very safe beer that seems to tick all boxes. It's not overly fizzy, decently hopped, slightly dry, and subtly bitter. It has a pleasant smell that, unlike it's typical stablemates, smells like it tastes.

All too often, beers that flow fast in pubs tend to smell bad and taste of piss. Punk IPA bucks that trend. It's a honest beer that doesn't disappoint.

Beer as a Writing Prompt
It’s no secret to my friends and family that I love beer. If anyone is ever at aloose end on what to get me as a gift, beer is a pretty safe bet. I’m generallyquite difficult to buy for, so it’s not got to the point where it’s a familyjoke; not whether to get me beer, but what to get that I may h…
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