For the second day in a row, todays beer isn't pure fruit; i'm liking this trend.

At 7.2%, it's on the stronger end of beers, but my no means high. It packs a punch, though it disguises its strength fairly well

I'll be honest, I'm struggling to write about this beer. It's neither amazing nor boring. It's strong but doesn't taste it. It has flavour but not too much.

Taste, but regrettably, somewhat forgettable.

Beer as a Writing Prompt
It’s no secret to my friends and family that I love beer. If anyone is ever at aloose end on what to get me as a gift, beer is a pretty safe bet. I’m generallyquite difficult to buy for, so it’s not got to the point where it’s a familyjoke; not whether to get me beer, but what to get that I may h…
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