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Beer Advent 2020: BrewDog Lock Down

Beer Advent 2020: BrewDog Lock Down

Before even opening the can, there's a few things that excite me:

  • The can has a printed label, which makes me think this brewed in a smaller than normal batch
  • It has grapefruit in it, which one of my favourite BrewDog beers also has (Elvis Juice) – my expectations are high
  • It's a pilsner, which I've not had too much of in the past

It smells unlike anything else I've had before. There's notes of grapefruit, and the guava comes through nicely. It's refreshing light and has a pleasant, if slightly bitter, aftertaste.

There are some beers that are better when slowly sipped; this isn't one of them. Elvis Juice (which has a similar flavour profile to me) is stronger in alcohol and flavour, which almost demands you drink slowly. At 4.7%, this is a beer I can easily see myself drinking all day at the beach.

Highly recommended, if you can get it.

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