Jet Stream is collaboration with British Airways. As such, it's designed to have a broad appeal – to appease those locked in a tin can at 38,000ft.

It's labeled as a pale ale. To me, it smells like larger. It has a slightly bitter, almost chemically aftertaste that lingers at the back of the throat and is lightly carbonated. It's probably not something I'd hunt out in the future, but to its credit, it is definitely better than the kind of beer you can buy in cases of 24 cans.

That said, if I were on a plane and has to choose between this or Heineken, I'd bite the hostesses arm off for a Jet Stream. Maybe that's all BrewDog wanted from this.

Beer as a Writing Prompt
It’s no secret to my friends and family that I love beer. If anyone is ever at aloose end on what to get me as a gift, beer is a pretty safe bet. I’m generallyquite difficult to buy for, so it’s not got to the point where it’s a familyjoke; not whether to get me beer, but what to get that I may h…
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