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Beer Advent 2020: BrewDog Hazy Jane

Beer Advent 2020: BrewDog Hazy Jane

Bright, hoppy, and full bodied. Hazy Jane is a New England IPA, that is, as the name suggests, hazy. Generally speaking, the harder it is to see through a beer, the more I like it. This makes Hazy Jane a perfect summer drink for me, where a heavy porter wouldn't seem right.

It has a pleasant bitter aftertaste, though any remnants of after taste are short-lived. It's also pleasantly carbonated with a nice tingle on the tongue.

My main thought after taking the last sip, is that I wash I had more.

Beer as a Writing Prompt
It’s no secret to my friends and family that I love beer. If anyone is ever at aloose end on what to get me as a gift, beer is a pretty safe bet. I’m generallyquite difficult to buy for, so it’s not got to the point where it’s a familyjoke; not whether to get me beer, but what to get that I may h…
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