I could write about Elvis Juice at great length. It's one of my regulars in the weekly food delivery.

Going into this advent calendar, I thought that Elvis Juice would be hard to top. Now having tried several other fruity beers, I'm having second thoughts. At the moment, I can't decide if I have a new favourite in the others I've tried, but I don't think Elvis Juice has a safe seat in my top 5. I'd need to try some of the others again to cement the order.

Anyway, this isn't a monolgue, it's supposed to be a revue or sorts.

Elvis Juice is one of the rarer beers in the advent that tastes close to how it smells. It has clear grapefruit notes in taste and smell, and a slightly thicker, almost creamier, texture. Some beers dissapear off the tongue reasonaly quickly, but this lingers a little longer. It's sort of close to how a sour sweet stays in your mounth long after it's made its way to your stomach, with without the achingly sour taste.

It's an east drinker with prominent hoppy notes, the aformentioned grapefuit notes, and a pleasant aftertaste that isn't bitter chemically.

If you like IPAs, and are a little adventurous, I'd definitely give this a try.

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