Beer Advent 2020: BrewDog Duopolis

Beer Advent 2020: BrewDog Duopolis

I'm starting to get the feeling Brewdog really like to produce fruity beers, because that's what this is.

In a sense, it tastes a lot like Lightspeed from a couple days back, but with a bit more oomph. It has a thicker texture than Lightspeed, and more depth of flavour. Given the car says "oat cream double dry hop", I'd say my summery is justified.

Unlike a few other beers of late, this one leaves a lasting taste in the mouth – a pleasant taste that begs you to drink more. That said, it tastes milder than other beers of the save ABV, which could be dangerous.

I think it's far to say that this beer firmly sits in the 'perfect for a summer BBQ' category.

Beer as a Writing Prompt
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