Detailing a New Car

It’s been a while, hasn’t it. Since my last post, the new car has: been assembled from a pile of aluminium, steel, plastic, and several dead cows; been shipped from South Carolina USA to Southampton UK; passed through customs; and finally transported to Berry BMW at Heathrow.

It was there for all of 48 hours before I arrived to collect it, in all its unwashed glory, per my request.

That’s me, poking out of the panoramic roof!

When I ordered the new car back in January, one of the first things I wanted to do (if budget allowed) was get it detailed by someone with considerable more skill than me. I’d say I’m a competent weekend-worrier, but as soon as it comes to paint correction and ceramic coatings, I get nervous. I’d rather pay someone to do it right once, than pay even more to correct my mistakes.

So, when I got a better idea of delivery dates, I contact Matt at The Matt Finish to get it booked in for a ‘new car detail’. That means that pretty much every surface visible for protection. The engine bay was dressed; wheels, suspension components and breaks ceramic coated, paint corrected and coated. I had the black plastic surrounding the windows and rear windows covers, and even the mirror caps covered in matte PPF, as they have a matte finish from factory.

Look that that gloss!

The paint is coated with Siramik SC Altum, Ultima and Diamas, the wheels and plastics in CarPro Dlux, and Gtechniq G1 on all glass, Dr Leather Dye Block on leather, Gtechniq I1 on fabrics, and finally Aerospace 303 on the engine bay.

I’d say that’s pretty comprehensive, and I’m chuffed to bits with it. All of that effort means that I (right so) need to take proper care of it. What’s the point of it being absolutely perfect if I then wash it with a sponge with Fairy liquid on a hot day, and let it dry in the sun?

With Matt’s help and recommendations, I purchased about £400 worth of new detailing equipment. I had some, but wanted to refresh any older things I had. So, 3 buckets, shampoo, wheel cleaners, various brushes, new wash mitt, microfiber clothes, spray bottles, tyre dressing, and pressure washer, and a multitude of other bits & pieces.