Camera Time Again

After a month of waiting, I now have a Sony A7III and 24-105 𝑓4 lens. It seems epic, and I have plans for it, both with photo and video.

Hayley & I went for a little stroll on the beach yesterday, and I took this photo. It’s not amazing by any stretch, but I’m very happy with the quality this things pushes out, even with very little effort on my part.

1/160, 𝑓11, ISO 100, minimal editing in Lightroom.

Take a look at the full resolution file. It is 9.6mb and 6000×4000.

Somewhat related, I did a video test with the internal mic, a Rode VideoMicro and a shitty Amazon £10 lapel mic. The internal mic is surprisingly good (at least indoors) and the shitty lapel mic is predicitably shit. Who knew.