July Update

Last June, I did a general update about me, work, houses, cars, Kodery, and more. It’s been a year, and a lot has changed, and more is going to change in the coming months too. So it feels like a good time to do another update.


I started writing this paragraph saying that nothing much has changed. But then I realised that quote a lot has changed.

My face still hasn’t worked out that I want it to grow a proper beard, and I’m still as skinny as ever, but I’m eating lunch most days. Whilst I’m still not generally looking forward to eating like most people do, I’m trying to make an effort to eat at more sensible times. I can’t remember the last time I had breakfast though.

I’ve also put more effort into sleeping at a sensible time. I’ve stopped listening to podcasts as I fall asleep which seems to have helped a little bit. I’ve also been trying harder to not sleep past my alarms going off. This is not a spring, but a marathon, and I feel I’m on the 10th mile.


My little company turned 2 years old in May, and last year I had 22% increase in turnover. My the end of May 2018, I would like to see a 30% increase over 2017.

I’ve had a little more variation in work too, with numerous projects from 4 clients. I’m about to start some projects for 2 new clients too, so it looks like my client base will grow slightly. This is something I’ve wanted for a year, as diversity of income can only be a good thing. If I lost one of those 4 clients last year, I would struggle to make ends meet. With 6 clients, I’m finding my calendar booked up most of the time, so I can invoice more often, and if I did loose one of those clients, it won’t be too much of a struggle.

House Hunting

We needed to wait for the business to turn 2 years old before my income could be accounted for in a mortgage application. The day came, the books were done, and we booked an appointment with a mortgage advisor my accountant recommended. We went and saw him, and were frankly stunned with what we could borrow.

The past few months were filled with looking at online ‘how much can you borrow’ calculators and inputting the figures in various ways, and ether getting a result that meant buying a caravan, or mansion in the city. We really didn’t know what to think, but were expecting an offer on the low end. So when we were told what we could borrow, I was overjoyed. It isn’t a huge amount of money, it’s probably low compared to many, but it means we can buy an average sized house for the more built up areas of South East England.

We’re viewing a property this weekend, and it all goes well, we could be in within a few months.

Me choosing to start a limited company instead of being a sole trader might just be the best business decision I’ve made so far. I know of a couple where 1 person is a sole trader and they’re finding it impossible to get a mortgage, and I think they combined earn more than us.


I didn’t talk about the wedding last year, because we hadn’t progressed with anything, this year is the opposite. Most wedding suppliers tend to work a year in advanced, so now is the time to look at dresses and florists. We first booked the venue, and within a couple of weeks had the photographer and cake sorted. Hayley has now bought a dress1, as have an appointment with a florist next weekend, and I’m waiting for autumn to get my suit.

This Blog

Did you notice it changed? Didn’t think so, my average daily visitors is in single digits. I’ve re-built it on Jekyll, and added the ability to do link posts.

There’s always things I want to share with a quick bit of text, but they get lost on Twitter2, so they’ll go here instead. Cool videos, interesting articles, whatever takes my fancy. For years, I tried to keep a theme to this blog, but it should be a feed of whatever the fuck goes through my head that’s safe to publish, so that’s what I’m going to do.

Anyway, things may be broken. There’s no vendor prefixing at the moment, and no images are optimised, but it’s a start.

  1. I haven’t seen the dress, obviously. All I know it that’s ivory in colour, I think? 

  2. I should do a post about Twitter. It might just be the people I follow, but it now feels like a news feed and platform for arguments instead of a place for pleasant conversation.