Back in December 2015 I wrote about the future of Kodery, my little code snippet storage app I started in 2009, when I didn’t have lots of grey hair.

I sort of forgot about it, but in the last month or so, I’ve found myself using it more and adding more snippets. That promoted me to go and look at the results of the poll, and after reseting my password because I forgot it and didn’t put it in 1Password, I saw the numbers.

Solution Votes %
Charge a sensible amount 24 44.44%
Close it down 13 24.07%
Sell it 17 31.48%

That’s 54 people who replied, and of those who replied 75.92% want it to keep alive, whether I charge for it, or sell/give it to someone else. Even though those numbers are tiny, it’s given me a little hope. Somebody wants it.

The past few months of work have been very monotamous and haven given me much room to experiment with new things. I’m not complaining, it’s paying the bills nicely and I’m certainly not going to shun these projects – I’m comfortable doing them and enjoy large parts of it. But it has made me want to revisit some side-projects and kick some life back into them.

Given that I’m using Kodery more recently, it makes sense to put some effort into that, so I’ve come up with a little plan.

  • Clean up the UI a bit
  • Fix some bugs
  • Add the ability to take payments and add restrictions to free accounts[1]. Those restrictions won’t affect current users viewing snippets already there, but you won’t be able to add more.
  • Add a few other ideas I have, like the long-awaited code editor plugins[2]

I have no timeline for this, but it looks like I might be able to fit in a few days for this early September. Wish me luck!

  1. Such as up to 20 snippets for free, not entirely sure yet ↩︎

  2. Probably for Atom & Sublime from me, others can make their own 😊 ↩︎