June Update

It’s almost exactly six months since I wrote anything here. That’s largely due to me not having anything interesting to say, or interesting enough to share anyway. But a lot has happened in six months, so an update post on lots of little things may be interesting, or at least interesting for me to look back on.


The #60lbsswap thing seems to have fizzled out, I was shit at keeping up with it anyway. I’d never put weight on, just fluctuate a few pounds each week. Nothing ever stayed.

With that said, I have been making more of an effort to eat with more regularity – I had breakfast today! I’ve also been using some old weights to (very) slowly building some muscle. I accepted the fact I’ll never have a beach body[1], I’ll always be skinny and most clothes won’t fit me in a flattering way. But I can do something to help, if only a little.

I’ve also been keeping up with applying Minoxidil to my jaw, in an effort to help fill a patch where very little hair has grown. It only bothers me because it is right on the jaw line, and looks like I slipped with the razor if I don’t keep it trimmed. I’d love a full beard for our wedding in 2018, and it looks like beard growing takes fucking ages!

Another thing I’ve been notoriously shit with is sleep. Granted, I write this at 1am on a Wednesday, but months ago that would mean not waking up till linch time. These days I can wake up around 9am/10am and feel okay. It’s not the best scenario, but it’s a lot better than it was, and it steady progress in the right direction.


Cross Stroke is going well. I have enough work booked up until October to keep me warm and occupied. From May 2015 to May 2016, I earnt more than I would’ve if I stayed at Ghost on the same salary, and this year (May 2016/17), I have a wages strategy that is relatively easy to maintain and means money can start building up in the business for rainy days.

You can see here that money in the bank was very peaky last year, it’s now slowly starting to rise.

Money in the bank over the past year

In terms of growing the business, I’m going to maintain what I have at the moment until we’ve got a house, then I can be a little more aggressive with streamlining workflows, finding more clients like the awesome clients I have, and looking into the first hire.

Away from the financial side of things, I’ve slowly been getting better with keeping to deadlines, scheduling work properly, and keeping it all organised. Every project has a Git repo, a TaskPaper file, and time marked off in the calendar. I know it’s simple, but it’s a huge step from how I used to do things.

In the next few months, I’m going to have some branding done for Cross Stroke. No matter how many times I try to do it myself, I’m never happy with it. I’m really looking forward to having an official .eps file and brand guidelines!

House Hunting

Thanks to that mounting of cash I have in the business[^2], we’re one step closer to being able to buy a house. We’re a long way off yet, but with me being self-employed and the higher earner, I know whoever lends us a mortgage is gonna want to know lots about the business. Having enough cash stashed away to pay my wages for a few months is surely gonna help, if only with my stress levels.

The nest step is do all the necessary paperwork the lenders will need about my business, then re-ignite talks with a recommended mortgage advisor, see what we can borrow, then go hunting.

I’m confident we could either have moved in by the end of the year, or have done whatever needs to be done to buy a new house, because new houses come with certain financial benefit for first time buyers in the UK.[2]


Remember this post from December asking what to do with it? I still have no idea. It costs nothing to keep it running, so I’ll let it sit until I have a better idea, or the inclination to do something.

Other side projects

I’d still like to re-write my WP starter theme. I know there are many, I want my own for the same reason there’s a fuck-ton of CSS libraries – the existing options don’t fit my very well.

When I find a spare week (July looks good for that), I’m going to prototype a joint venture i’m working on with a client. It’s very interesting, beautiful, and right up my street. More on that later.


If you follow me on Twitter, and don’t skim past any car-related tweets[^4], you might remember Ford miss-ordered my black Focus ST, so, after some bitching and moaning, they let me order another, giving me a chance to change some specs.

I changed to the silver paint, larger 19” wheels (which also means better standard-fit tyres), and privacy glass. The car does look great in black, but black paint doesn’t sty black very long. I’d spend half a day perfecting the paint, then a day later, it looks like I haven’t bothered.

I event cleaned this silver car in a month (apart from removing bird shit), and it still looks alright. I didn’t choose silver an excuse to not wash it, but I’m a busy guy. I still give it the same attention, but I don’t feel embarrassed driving it ‘dirty’, like I did wth the black paint.

  1. Whatever the fuck that is…
    [^2] I like to cash it out, make a throne of £50’s, rub it all over myself, then give it back to the bank. ↩︎

  2. Knowing my luck, that’s something #brexit would’ve fucked up. thannnks…
    [^4] I don’t blame you, their either rants or dreams. ↩︎