I’m at a cross-roads with Kodery – I have a few options, but I don’t know what to do with it.

The last commit as almost a year ago – 18th January 2015. That’s mostly due to me having to prioritise paid work over it.

When I started building Kodery in 2009, I had a full-time job, no work-like balance sensibilities and no friends to keep be occupied – I could pour any spare time I had into it. That has drastically changed. I have a beautiful fiancée I want to spend time with, I know when to stop working, I enjoy playing pool, and driving with my friends.

I would like to keep the service running, because I have several ideas for it such as an API, embeds, better search, much-improved UI, and better permissions so it can fit much larger teams.

Ultimately, it comes down to time and money. I can only commit more time to it if it can pay its way. It’s never earnt me a penny.

This leaves me with a few options.

Option #1 – Re-work and charge

This is my favourite option.

This would involve some drastic changes throughout the code base to build in those aforementioned features.

  • A full REST API
  • Embeds (but not shitty)
  • Improved search
  • Much-improved UI
  • More extensive user permissions

It also means spending quite a lot of time building in the ability to charge. I’ve learnt that payments are really not simple – there’s so many edge-cases to consider, and this itself is going to take a lot of time. There’s also EU VAT bullshit to take into account.

Aside from that, I wouldn’t want to charge for something I’m not massively happy with, so I’d want to re-build several parts of the app, such as the underlying code that stores snippets and feeds them back to you. It’s not bad, but I’ve learnt so much in the past couple years that I know of any ways to really improve this.

Option #2 – Close it

To close it, I’d have to first build an export function, so you can export everything you’ve chucked into it over the years. Some people have hundreds of snippets, and I don’t want them do disappear as I delete the database.

After that, make final backups of the DB and code, then nuke the server.

Option #3 – Sell it

I’ve never really considered selling before, but it’s an option. I have a rough idea what I’d like to sell it for, but I’m keeping that close to my chest.

The code isn’t bad – it’s not full of glaring security holes, but I’m sure whoever bought it would have monetization in mind, and would want to build that in. I’d hope they’d want to do the same as me if I were to set it up as a paid service myself.

Help me choose

I don’t want to make any decisions without hearing form you first. Fill out the poll below to chime in. You can also email me at [email protected] if you have any thoughts. I’d like to hear anything you have to say.

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