A few days back, I wrote about how I wanted to change up the 3 sites I have. In between client work, I’ve made good progress with the first 2 steps.

I’ve moved my blog away from the awesome Ghost platform because I wanted to tinker more, and do things with this site that either aren’t possible with Ghost yet, or might never be.

When the API is public (and not read-only) & Apps are possible, I’d like to move this blog back there.

Next on the list is the Cross Stroke site. I’ve had this designed for months, and it’s mostly built but I’m suffering the usual self-branding woes and don’t like it anymore. Fortunately, I can’t remember the last time I for work directly from the website[1], so I’ll probbaly just finish it and go live with it. It’s a good oportunity to get feedback from everyone and iterate. Maybe it’ll turn into something I like?


  1. All of my work comes from old and current clients recommending me to friends, and people I’ve met in person. ↩︎