Back to a Standing Desk

A couple years back, I experimented with a standing desk, by balancing the desk top I had on top of the two draw units I had. It worked well, but after a month or so, my legs kinda gave up, so I had to get out the table legs again and reside to sitting.

Ever since then, I’ve known standing while working is a benefit for me, but I can’t do it all the time. The only way I could stand was to have the easy option to sit from time to time. So, I popped to Ikea and bought the Bekant electronic desk legs and a Nilserik stool to lean on when sitting is too easy but standing hurts.

I’ve gone from a desk like this…


…to this.

(Excuse the mess of wires, I’m still sorting that out)

So far I’m liking it, but it’s been about 2 hours. Time will tell if the options to kneel, sit, lean, or stand, help good posture and improve productivity or if I end up sitting again. Either way, options!