May & June Challange

I suspect nobody noticed, but I didn’t do a May post for my 2015 Challenge series,. That was because I wanted to keep quiet about my plans to go freelance again. But the cat’s out the bag now.

Pretty much all of May was spent setting up a company, which meant lots of waiting for things to arrive in the post, waiting for HMRC to process the application, waiting for a bank appointment that my fellow director and fiancé could go, waiting for the bank card to arrive in the post, building the Cross Stroke website, setting up email addresses, and so on.

I didn’t have any plans to improve myself in any way – I figured everything needed doing as soon as possible, so I was regularly working from 9am to 2am, and eating badly. But everything is done and setup now, which means I can start progressing with my little improvements each month.



The usual ‘get work in and be awesome’ stuff goes without saying, so choosing that as a goal seems like a copout.

Instead, this month, my goal is to be working my 8am. For the last few days, I’ve been getting up around 7am, and working by 8, but that’s mostly due to circumstances beyond my control. But I have noticed I’m getting more done and am more focused. I’d like to keep that going next week when the circuamctaices which have been getting me up earlier stop.

I love the idea of splitting my day into 2 parts; start working at 8am for a good few hours, then have a really long break during the afternoon – the nice part of the day – then do some more work again starting mid-afternoon.

We’ll see how it goes!