Freelancing – The Return


I’m really pleased to announce that I’m going freelance again!

Over the last year, I have spent all of my time working on Ghost as a paid employee – mainly developing its user interface, and I have truly enjoyed it all. I have learnt so much that I couldn’t possibly list it all, and I have had the absolute pleasure of working with the most talented and gracious people I’ve ever met – fellow colleagues and amazing contributors alike.

But since the end of April, I no longer work with them. Now is the time to do something I’ve wanted to do ever since my first day in this industry – it’s time to start my own thing that has room to grow. I’m going freelance again – Hello Cross Stroke!

The Work I Want (Hire me!)

Having been full-time employed for the last year, the market doesn’t know I exist anymore. Let’s change that! I’d like to book work in to fill the next few months with projects of all sizes. Anything from a day to a few weeks.

I’m looking for projects like WordPress and Ghost theming, static sites, CSS audits, and everything in-between for June onwards. Send me an email at or…

See the new website

The Business Stuff…

Together with a brilliant accountant, we have registered as a new UK limited company, which gives me the silly title of director! We have setup FreeAgent, a business bank account, and everything else a company must do. I now have a company number!

This is scary stuff, and although I have a head for numbers and finances, I don’t want to get this wrong. When my fiancé & I get round to buying a house and getting a mortgage, a lot rides on having correct & stable accounts. Setting up the company the way we have gives us more legitimacy than being a sole trader does. It’s not a sure-fire thing, but it’s a least more probable.

… and in the future?

I don’t know, but I know one thing for sure – I’m gonna work my hardest to make this really work out well. I’ve done the working for someone else’s agency thing a few times, and I’m thankful to say I’ve done the startup thing, now it’s time to take my freelancing to the next level.

I’ve learnt lots and will continue to do so, and I will write about lots of it, especially the name.


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