April’s Challenge

We all do it. We write about ideas with the expectations and hopes of fulfilling them. Some work out brilliantly, some not so much.

At the start of the year, I wrote about getting to sleep before 12am and waking up around 8am. I did that maybe twice?

In February, I wrote about keeping my desk clean, and I was partially successful. There’s now much less crap on my desk – just the right amount of clutter for a normal person.

For March, I wrote about not working so late at night. I think I did okay with that, but not because I really chose too.

My productivity in the past month or so has somewhat slipped, and it shows. There’s more to it that sleep and working hours, but I’m going to be more forceful with my sleeping pattern and working hours.

I’m basically not allowing myself to be awake between 12am and 8am, and similarly, sleep is something that only exists in those hours. The same applies to working hours, which are a strict 9am to 6pm.

My thinking is, even if I’m still tired when waking up at 8am, I’ll have an hour to properly wake up and get in the right frame of mind to work. If I wake up at 11am (which wasn’t uncommon), I’d feel compelled to start work with a brain that was still on a pillow.

I’m hoping that being a bit more forceful with my hours, I’ll start having a more consistent sleeping pattern and feel less tired when I wake up. I’d love to be one of those people who can wake up at 5am and feel refreshed, but I have to start somewhere.

Let’s see how this goes.