Web in the Woods


I’m pleased to say I’m speaking at the Web in the Woods event, Saturday 12th September this year.

Imagine that! Pitch your own[1] tent midday Friday, chat with other people who do the same sort of thing as you, in a place you never thought you would. Enjoy the beautiful scenery, have a beer or two[2], sit around while someone sings about how Flexbox is both crap and wonderful whilst watching the embers from the fire escape into the air.

It’s worth it for that alone, though the whole event will be pretty damn awesome, I’m sure.

At £150 (+vat), you’d be silly to miss out. Get your ticket!

Aside: We all love little big details, don’t we? Check out the hover state on buttons!

  1. Your own tent from home, that is. ↩︎

  2. Or whatever takes your fancy – anyone for a cocktail? ↩︎