March’s Challenge

Continuing my streak of improving tiny parts of my life each month, here’s this months. At the start of last month, I wrote:

For February, I want to do something a little different. I want to keep my office clean.

I had a few simple rules: “Only have one drink on my desk”, “If something is not being used or drank, sort that shit out”, and “Eat food away from my desk”. I did okay at keeping the desk clear of clutter, and keeping drinks to a minimum. I did lapse and continued to eat food at my desk though.


I’m happy with that.

Like many developers, I tend to work better of a night. That’s partly lack of distraction – and I think – partly having a totally fucked up sleeping pattern.

For March, I want to try and start working earlier in the day, which means winding down in the evenings sooner and not being so lazy in the morning.

I’m hoping that starting work earlier will means I work better in the afternoon & early evening, rather than up until 2am, though I’m sure that’ll happen from time to time.