The Moment

You should read Hayley’s post about Disneyland Paris, it’s much better than I can do. It’s also full of wonderful photos. Here’s my favourite part of the trip though.

We were walking out of the park, with everyone else after the show as the park was closing when Paul pulled me to the side just outside the Park entrance (and the Disneyland Hotel itself), and a little way away from the huge crowd, he got down on one knee and proposed!


I couldn’t be happier!

Web Irks #1

Those who’ve met me in person will know I’m easily irritated by the little things. If I worked in an office with other people, I’d be that guy you hear every 5 minutes saying “what the fuck…”, and then have a hard time explaining why the annoying thing is annoying.

To help alleviate some of the minor stresses of day to day browsing, I’m starting this new series in which I let off some steam about things that annoy me about the web. It’s not something I intent to do regularly – a few times a year at most.

I’m not really sure what I want to achieve here1. Maybe start a discussion about various things, shed light on small things that people forget but have an impact, or learn about new & improved ways to do things. It’s hard to have a goal when I’m not even sure what it’s going to be about.

For balance, I’m going to try and do a counter series where I list things I really like about the web. New trends which don’t deserve to be thrown into a fiery pit, specific details about single websites and so on. I want to call that ‘Web Delights’2.

Oh, and for those outside the UK, here’s the Urban Dictionary definition of ‘irk’.

So, without further ado.

  1. Very intelligent Web pages from very rich companies, that have numbers of things without proper pluralisation. 1 subscribers? It’s not hard. Even I’ve made client/server-side pluralisation functions.
  2. Websites that put all the content inside an element, add overflow: auto; but don’t add -webkit-overflow-scrolling: touch; to keep the elasticity of scrolling on a vast majority of touch devices. Granted it has its own quirks, but c’mon.
  3. Using swipe gestures on websites to go to the next and previous posts/pages. I’m looking at you, Blogger. I can only assume the Blogger developers have never used their own platform one handed.3
  4. Using some JavaScript to make scrolling appear smoother. Though it’s been years since I used anything but a Mac with a trackpad for more than 30 seconds, but it’s pretty fucking annoying knowing that scrolling which should be fantastically smooth is made horrible by these plugins. Try this, if you’re on a Mac. (Note: I’m not moaning about parallax scroll high-jacking – that’s for another day)
  1. Other than letting off steam, obviously.

  2. Subject to change. I may find a more British word.

  3. No dirty jokes, please.

Web in the Woods


I’m pleased to say I’m speaking at the Web in the Woods event, Saturday 12th September this year.

Imagine that! Pitch your own1 tent midday Friday, chat with other people who do the same sort of thing as you, in a place you never thought you would. Enjoy the beautiful scenery, have a beer or two2 , sit around while someone sings about how Flexbox is both crap and wonderful whilst watching the embers from the fire escape into the air.

It’s worth it for that alone, though the whole event will be pretty damn awesome, I’m sure.

At £150 (+vat), you’d be silly to miss out. Get your ticket!

Aside: We all love little big details, don’t we? Check out the hover state on buttons!

  1. Your own tent from home, that is.
  2. Or whatever takes your fancy – anyone for a cocktail?

March’s Challenge

Continuing my streak of improving tiny parts of my life each month, here’s this months. At the start of last month, I wrote:

For February, I want to do something a little different. I want to keep my office clean.

I had a few simple rules: “Only have one drink on my desk”, “If something is not being used or drank, sort that shit out”, and “Eat food away from my desk”. I did okay at keeping the desk clear of clutter, and keeping drinks to a minimum. I did lapse and continued to eat food at my desk though.


I’m happy with that.

Like many developers, I tend to work better of a night. That’s partly lack of distraction – and I think – partly having a totally fucked up sleeping pattern.

For March, I want to try and start working earlier in the day, which means winding down in the evenings sooner and not being so lazy in the morning.

I’m hoping that starting work earlier will means I work better in the afternoon & early evening, rather than up until 2am, though I’m sure that’ll happen from time to time.