February’s Challenge

At the start of the year, I wrote about my challenge for January, which was to get better at sleeping.

By the end of January, I want to be asleep by midnight and up before 8am every week-day and 9am on weekends.

Well. I failed. Predictably. I was doing rather well until about a week ago when I stayed up working at my desk until 2am. The next night, I couldn’t sleep until that time and its been the same since.

Despite the later nights this past week, I have found getting up easier and have gotten into the flow of working sooner than previous months.

I have gotten better at knowing when to turn the Mac off and start wind down. So while I didn’t achieve my goal. I’m closer than I was before – I’ll take that.

For February, I want to do something a little different. I want to keep my office clean.

Working from home is wonderfully awesome, but you tend to spend a lot of time sat in the same spot. Bad habit form quickly and eating at my desk is the norm now. I even eat dinner here. I snack here, and the bin quickly fills with wrappers.

I’m not proud of how my desk looks. It’s certainly not something that’d appear on an ‘awesome desks of Silicone Valley’ gallery. Not even close.


This partly stems to my office being the warmest room in the house, but also from laziness and wanting to keep engaged with everyone.[1]

So my plan is:

Pretty simple, right?

  1. Taking breaks form working is a later challenge ↩︎