For the longest time, I’ve wanted to make an open source Ghost theme. I’ve finally done it! It’s powering this blog and is MIT licensed, so do what you want with it. It’s called Mono.

I’m using it as a playground to (hopefully) show off good practices in building Ghost themes (not to take away from Casper which is very well built – [I also contribute to it] Mono is just different). I’m going to keep it as up to date as humanly possible1, supporting each feature Ghost has, as they are released.

It’s also a good example (I think) in how to use Sass & Autoprefixer in a theme, without having all the extra stuff like node_modules and .scss files in the zip which Ghost(Pro) (and some other hosted services) require. If you clone Mono and install all dependencies, it’s 54mb, where as the release zip is 26kb.

For posterity2, here’s a screenshot.


  1. Which is good for my contribution streak too.
  2. And RSS readers. I am one!

Twelve Challenges for 2015

Something I didn’t write about in my roundup of 2014 was the plan to set myself a challenge each month – something to improve my life.

The idea isn’t to do things like loose a significant portion of fat from my body (haha!) or start the working day before the sun rises. The ides is to adjust small parts of my lifestyle to slowly improve it, in ways that won’t shock me into a cowering ball in the corner.

I’m unsure what the challenges are, or what size they’ll be, but I want to do one each month and keep progress of them here.

By the end of January, I want to be asleep by midnight and up before 8am every week-day and 9am on weekends.

What I want to achieve here is a more consistent sleeping pattern. To help me get that I’m going to track my sleep with an iOS app called Sleep Cycle. I’m also going to stop watching TV until I just pass out fall asleep. I’ll report back in a few weeks and discuss my next challenge.