A month ago, I started writing a food diary. I wanted to see what I was eating.
I’ve always known that I eat a lot of unhealthy stuff – these diaries confirmed that. I learnt I eat lots of chocolate, sweets, cake and cornish party slices. I also drink lots of coffee, but I’m not complaining about that.

I feel a month is a long enough period to get a decent overview of my eating habits. I didn’t take down enough detail to make some sort of chart. I think it would’ve taken too long and I’ve have given up sooner. I could’ve taken down nutrition information, times, and all the water I drink, but I didn’t.

Instead of writing something huge, I’m going to write a bullet list of what I know, and what I want to do to fix me. I like lists.

The Bad

  • I have no set meal times or eating patterns
  • I never eat breakfast
  • The amount I eat every day fluctuates greatly
  • The lack of healthy food in my diet is startling
  • Water is something I should drink a lot more of
  • This poor diet makes me feel sluggish, give supreme sugar highs and insomnia

The Idea

  • Eat a decently sized, healthy breakfast before 10am every day
  • Eat lunch between 1pm and 2pm
  • Eat a proper dinner
  • Eat a healthy bed time snack every day (My body shape – ectomorph – dictates I “eat before bed to prevent muscle catabolism during the night”)
  • Drink much more water each day, around 2 litres
  • Start exercising in some form
  • Give up caffeine after 6pm (I tend to sleep at 1am)

The Goal

It’s certainly not going to be easy, but I know it’s something I need to do. Not for anyone else, but for my own wellbeing and general health. Diabetes or a heart attack are inevitable of I keep going like this.

I’m not trying to be a health nut – far from it – I just want to feel better all of the time.

Wish me luck!