Food Diary Week 1

I’ve always struggled with my weight, but not like most people; I struggle to put any weight on. I can eat whatever I like – in any quantity – and I never gain weight. Putting the health implications aside, I want to eat more.

I’m hoping that keeping a public record of what I eat along with some measurements, combined with some social pressure, will help me stay focused on eating more and slowly putting on weight by eating a normal amount of the right things.

I’m not calorie counting, and I’m not taking any supplements. I’m only going to list what I eat, in a rough order. At the end of each week, I’ll share what I ate in that week.

This Weeks Food

Monday – 03/11/2014

Tuesday – 04/11/2014

Wednesday – 05/11/2014

Thursday – 06/11/2014

Friday – 07/11/2014

Saturday – 08/11/2014

Sunday – 09/11/2014


This is the first time I’ve done a food diary like this. My conclusion is: I eat a lot of shit. I also eat very little some days. I can improve on this.