For the longest time, I used window.innerWidth() to check the width of the browser, so I could show or hide something, and enable or disable something. That was until earlier this year when I realised JavaScript had a proper way to do this.

Enter matchMedia.

Can I Use says support is in all modern browsers, except IE9 and below, which you should have already stopped supporting.

This chunk of code below, tests for matchMedia support, and adds listeners for changes. In this case, is listens for when the width of the window.

// If you support IE10 and up, this if conditional isn't needed. 
if (matchMedia) {
    var mq_min_800 = window.matchMedia("(min-width: 800px)");

    var mq_min_600 = window.matchMedia("(min-width: 600px)");

Below, is the functions called when the match changes. It’s fairly self explanatory I hope?

function image_grid(mq) {
    if (mq.matches) {
        // Window is 800px or more
    } else {
        // Window is 799px or less

function image_sizes(mq) {
    if (mq.matches) {
        // Window is 600px or more
    } else {
        // Window is 599px or less

I believe the queries it can listen for are the same as CSS media queries, so there’s plenty of uses here. But, I would use Modernizr to test for features and environments, but matchMedia for dimensions like I have above.