Brazil Fourteen Dot Com

Earlier this year, whilst visiting the good people at Karoshi, they showed me a prototype of a 2014 World Cup calendar poster. It looked brilliant. A little later, they had finalised the design and packaging – you can see more of that here.


They asked me if I’d be interested in making a digital version. Having worked with Karoshi on numerous occasions before, I knew it would be an interesting project. Given that this was a project for love, not money, it meant I could experiment a bit more, as paid-for time just wasn’t a factor.

It was agreed early on to only support modern browsers, so I chose IE10 & up, and other modern browsers. Or more to the point, anything that supported CSS flexbox, without a polyfill.


The list of requirements, technologies and processes were as follows:

The process to update content is quite simple now.

  1. Log into FTP (desktop or mobile)
  2. Edit text or scores in various .yaml files
  3. Go to the build page which regenerates the updated site
  4. Enjoy

The only thing that isn’t generated on the server is Sass, which I do locally. Any visual changes I want to test locally anyway, so I don’t really see this as an issue.

So, yeah, head over to and take a look. It works great as a home screen app too, if that’s your thing.