Back in January, I wrote about SublimeTODO, a package for Sublime Text that searches files in your project for a set of keywords in comments, and shows them in one nice, navigable list. The version I wrote about was for Sublime Text 2, but I now use Sublime Text 3. The plugin I wrote about didn’t really work with ST2, to the author deprecated it and now recommends a newer updated version which does work with ST3.

I thought f the original plugin author has admitted defeat and recommend another plugin, I should quickly write a post about the new plugin. Here goes!

You’re a busy developer (probably), so here’s a list of what you need to know:

  • The plugin is on GitHub
  • You can install via Package Control – search for “TodoReview”
  • Excluding folders has a new syntax – everything needs to be wrapped in stars <code class="highlighter-rouge">"*node_modules*"
  • The docs are very good.

Keyboard Shortcuts?

The plugin its self has many, but I like having a command to bring up the list of todos.

Add this to: Preferences > Package Settings > TodoReview > Key Bindings – User
It means you can type cmd+shift+g and get to that all-important list.

{ "keys": ["super+shift+g"], "command": "todo_review" }

Of course, you can modify it to be whatever you want, the key here is <code class="highlighter-rouge">"command": "todo_review".