Good Is Less Than Great

All too often, a simple, mindless tweet makes me think a lot.

For a long time, I’ve felt that the proverbial body of water between good and great design is increasing. If I had to be given a class, I would say I was a good designer, not a great one. Let me explain why.

Good design is something that fulfils a purpose, it gets the job done. It can look pretty, clean and professional, but it can also look horrible but get the job done equally well, Amazon being a perfect example. It looks horrible in my opinion, bur clearly works very well for them. This is a good design.

Great design is something that fulfils its purpose just as well as the good design, but also gets peoples attention because of its artistic qualities. A perfect example here would be the redesign of Create Digital Media by Mike Kus. This tells you about the company the website represents very well, I can see what they do with ease. Equally, it’s a complete joy to look at. This makes it a great design, and Mike Kus a great designer.

It would seem having the ability to take something that would ordinarily look boring and make it beautiful is what makes you a great designer. That, is far, far tougher than you would think.