May & June Challange

Dated on 2015 Challenge • by Paul Davis

I suspect nobody noticed, but I didn't do a May post for my 2015 Challenge series,. That was because I wanted to keep quiet about my plans to go freelance again. But the cat's out the bag now. Pretty much all of May was spent setting up a company, which

Freelancing – The Return

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I'm really pleased to announce that I'm going freelance again! Over the last year, I have spent all of my time working on Ghost as a paid employee - mainly developing its user interface, and I have truly enjoyed it all. I have learnt so much that I couldn't possibly

April's Challenge

Dated on 2015 Challenge • by Paul Davis

We all do it. We write about ideas with the expectations and hopes of fulfilling them. Some work out brilliantly, some not so much. At the start of the year, I wrote about getting to sleep before 12am and waking up around 8am. I did that maybe twice? In February,

The Moment

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You should read Hayley's post about Disneyland Paris, it's much better than I can do. It's also full of wonderful photos. Here's my favourite part of the trip though. We were walking out of the park, with everyone else after the show as the park was closing when Paul pulled

Web Irks #1

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Those who've met me in person will know I'm easily irritated by the little things. If I worked in an office with other people, I'd be that guy you hear every 5 minutes saying "what the fuck...", and then have a hard time explaining why the annoying thing is annoying.