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For the longest time, I've wanted to make an open source Ghost theme. I’ve finally done it! It’s powering this blog and is MIT licensed, so do what you want with it. It’s called Mono. I’m using it as a playground to (hopefully) show off good

Twelve Challenges for 2015

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Something I didn’t write about in my roundup of 2014 was the plan to set myself a challenge each month - something to improve my life. The idea isn’t to do things like loose a significant portion of fat from my body (haha!) or start the working day

2014 In Review

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This year has been good - the best of my life so far. To round up the year, I want to list the ups (and downs), so I can look back at this in years to come and compare. I spent a large majority January anxiously waiting for an interview

Lessons Learnt From Keeping A Food Diary

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A month ago, I started writing a food diary. I wanted to see what I was eating. I've always known that I eat a lot of unhealthy stuff – these diaries confirmed that. I learnt I eat lots of chocolate, sweets, cake and cornish party slices. I also drink lots of

Food Diary Week 4

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My last food diary. Monday - 24/22/2014 1 coffee 2 chicken fajitas 1 pint of Guinness 3 slices of buttered toast 1 fizzy drink 1 large slice of coconut cake Tuesday - 25/11/2014 3 slices of buttered toast 2 coffees 1 pizza 2 packs of crisps